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The importance of disinfectants in an age of advancing antibiotic resistance and global spreading of dangerous virus diseases

Preface of the current VAH-List of Disinfectants


Desinfektionsmittel-Kommission im VAH (eds.). Requirements and Methods for VAH certificationof chemical disinfection procedures. As of 2nd April 2015. Wiesbaden: mhp Verlag.
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VAH-Certification of Disinfection Procedures – Interim measures according to the current requirements (as of 2 April 2015)


Previous years:


Guideline for validation of manual cleaning and manual chemical disinfection of medical devices (DGSV, DGKH, VAH, Arbeitskreis Instrumentenaufbereitung)



Recommendation on the monitoring of critical control points for the use of dispensing systems for pre-moistened surface disinfectant wipes


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