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VAH-Certification of Disinfection Procedures.
Interim measures according to the current
requirements (as of 2 April 2015)

The Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) publishes the VAH List of Disinfectants. This List is a bilingual publication and an inventory of all disinfectant products with valid VAH certificates, showing their active ingredients, contact times and use concentrations. The List has been a reference for quality assurance in prophylactic disinfection for many years. It is not only relevant for the medical area, but lso for public institutions and, in the event of infectious diseases at home, also for the private home.


Furthermore, it contains information on the test methods, explanatory notes on active substances, an index of companies as well as information on the practical application of disinfectants. The internet version provides updated pdf-files in English as well as a database search for products, manufacturers, active ingredients and additional information such as E-mail contacts.

For an introduction to the List of Disinfectants please view the Foreword of the updated Internet Version.

Preface of the VAH-List

VAH List



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The importance of disinfectants in an age of advancing antibiotic resistance and global spreading of dangerous virus diseases


Now available in English: 

Requirements and Methods for VAH Certification of Chemical Disinfection procedures.
The complete methods and requirements as eBook (PDF format). Available from mhp-Verlag GmbH

Interim Measures According to the Current Requirements 
Interim measures according to the current
requirements (as of 2 April 2015)


Bulletin of the Disinfectant Commission of the VAH
May 2016:
Equivalence between disinfectant testing according to VAH methods and testing according to current European standards


Spectrum of Activity of VAH-Listed Disinfectants